Frequently Asked Questions about the European Federalist Papers

4. About the Treaty of Lisbon

Why is it not possible to create a European Federation by changing the Treaty of Lisbon?

This is not possible because that Treaty is filled with systemic errors. These errors destroy the system from within. Each attempt to repair that error only increases the problem. This error originated in the first official document that attempted to create European togetherness: the Schuman Plan of 1950. The fault was/is: wanting to create a Federation by a) a Treaty, b) ratified by Nation States. From that moment on the ‘Europe to be united’ was governed top-down, hierarchically by Government leaders. Instead, it should have been a) a Constitution, b) ratified by Citizens, because by definition a Federation possesses a bottom-up character through its democratic basis. Since this systemic error has been transferred to all following adaptations of European Treaties, even in the attempt at creating a European Constitution in 2003, any new change of the Treaties will host the same error and will disable the creation of a Federation. Moreover, any adaptation will even deteriorate the destructive character of the intergovernmental system – and therefore accelerate the resistance of more Citizens and States against the EU. For a further explanation see Papers no. 11 en 12.

What is really so bad about the Treaty of Lisbon?

The Treaty of Lisbon is the worst legal document ever written in the history of Europe. The nucleus of legislating doctrine is to only make generally binding rules. And these rules have to be clear. However, the Treaty of Lisbon – consisting of two sub-treaties with over 400 articles – is ambiguous and towards the end comprises dozens of Protocols indicating how these articles should be applied, then followed by dozens of exceptions to these articles. This is the worst thing one can do in the field of law making: writing exceptions to general rules. This is why, with respect to the Treaty of Lisbon, the old proverb is applicable: the more rules, the more fools. See Papers no. 1-5, 14 en 21-24.

Why would it be possible to federalize Europe since this has failed as from 1950, while the number of Euro skeptics and Euro haters increases?

Yes, the paradigm shift is possible. Due to the crisis there is a real possibility to turn around, not only the financial system but the whole EU-system. It suffices to understand what federalism is. Federalism, giving priority to the Citizens instead of the States. Skepticism and resistance against the EU could grow and increase by the intergovernmental system that is operating centralistic and top-down.

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