The European Federalist Papers

Robert A. Levine – former top-official in the American federal government – wrote in The New York Times of January 9th, 1999 an article, titled ‘What the EU needs is a copy of The Federalist Papers’. Those 85 Papers have been of fundamental value for the people of the former thirteen colonies for getting them prepared ratifying the federal Constitution, the birth certificate of the United States of America.

Levine predicted that the EU would get problems if it did not base the Euro on a solid federal European foundation. He was right: the Euro has to be kept alive with no small efforts and artificial inventions. It is uncertain if this – not federal founded – currency will survive the next severe economic crisis.

This impelled Leo Klinkers en Herbert Tombeur to take the courage to write between August 2012 and May 2013 The European Federalist Papers.

This document consists of 26 Papers, explaining why the EU in its present form has reached the end of its political life cycle and that the future of Europe lies in a federal form of state.

Unfortunately, under the influence of wrong informed politicians about the actual nature of a federal form of state, only very few people know what a European Federation means. Let alone that they would know why a federal Europe will be the very best form of state for a connecting bond of European countries.

The Strong Learning Academy publishes twice per week one of the 26 European Federalist Papers. After a half-year you will possess all Papers.

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The Papers have a special feature: they offer a link to an Online Training of fourteen videos that explain step by step the benefits and necessity of The United States of Europe. By doing this Online Training you will deepen your understanding of the essence of federalization.